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Yes, me. Why else would you be here? I’m Theresa O’Rourke. T.O. for short. I’m an award-winning editor who has held top spots for some of the most iconic brands in the biz—Allure, Rachael Ray, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Victoria’s Secret, Martha Stewart to name just a few. I’ve also freelanced for the likes of Glamour and InStyle. Colleagues know me as the Voice Whisperer; I can help all kinds of brands find and shape their editorial voice across all platforms.  Hearst also hired me as a Coverline Doctor—I swear, I don’t make up these absurd names!—to resuscitate some of their flailing brands on newsstand.  I’m as comfortable writing and editing for beauty, lifestyle, and fashion as I am for food, health, and wellness. Cliches are my histamine (achoo!) and my left-brain is as sharp as my right. I love sniffing out the next big trend and burying my nose in analytics to uncover what the masses are loving.  I’m also experienced in licensing products and fleshing out social campaigns that get tons of likes. Intrigued? Let’s meet and discuss what I can do for you.

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